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Run Master 3D

Developed by/under/for my personal brand/name.

My Main Role:

Game Development / Programming

Game Description

Run Master 3D is a super addictive and exciting hyper casual game.

It is based on simple game mechanics, just need to tap and hold on the screen and your player is ready to run.

Game features:
◉ Fun Gameplay
◉ 15+ Level
◉ 10+ Obstacles
◉ Fun player animations
◉ Satisfying environment
◉ Avoid obstacles
◉ Easy UI
◉ Available in English
◉ Free to Play

My Work In Game

As a game developer, I have done
3D models creation,
Gameplay programming,
UI Programming,
Smart camera controller
Main character controller programming,
Level progress tracker,
Scene setups and management,
Level designing (obstacles),
Game testing,
Obstacle animation.
I have also build final apk with all the sdk and ndk including screenshot manager.


This game is developed for/by RenderNine Gaming Studio. It is uploaded on their official play store account.

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